(GL128 ZLCCa G 0313)

Marine SHENGAI Diesel Engine Company:-

 Our G Series Diesel Engine: –    The series engine is a first choice for the marine power of 162 to 363 kW.  The G series in-line diesel engine (SC13G/SC15G) is improved on the basis of the G128 Xinlong marine diesel engine. The series engine has been upgraded significantly in reliability, fuel economy, NVH and appearance. Most parts of the G series in-line engine are interchangeable with those of the G128 Xinlong marine diesel engine, offering easy maintenance. Its long maintenance interval and proven reliability ensure high uptime and low maintenance cost. Enhanced water pump flow, and optimized pipeline design to reduce system resistance. Increased oil pump flow and oil pressure to improve lubrication of internal moving parts . Added oil separator, and redesigned thermostat to improved application adaptability to regions of different ambient temperatures. Utilized fractured connecting rod and Integrated heat exchanger with expansion tank provide easier maintenance, service and reduce engine size and cost.

Horse Power

Model Number

400Hp (GL128 ZLCCa G 0313)